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PVC Pipe fitting

  • PVC pipe fitting
  • PVC pipe fitting
  • PVC pipe fitting
  • PVC pipe fitting
  • PVC pipe fitting
PVC pipe fittingPVC pipe fittingPVC pipe fittingPVC pipe fittingPVC pipe fitting

PVC pipe fitting

  • PVC pipe
  • PVC pipe fitting
  • Sinofresh PVC pipe
  • Sinofresh PVC pipe fitting
  • Product description: PVC pipe fitting, sinofresh engineering

PVC pipe fitting

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:pvc pipes packing:

usual packing plastic pipe/fitting: plastic film, plastic bag, carton, container or customizedDelivery Detail: within 20 days

Product Name: ASTM BS AS NZS DIN ISO standard PVC pipe for water supply


Description: PVC Water Supply Pipe ASTM Standard

Advantage: low cost,easy installation

Usage: For water supply or drainage

Certificate: ISO9001,ISO14001

best price, excellent quality, quick delivery

2. Description of the PVC pipe fittings

A: Hygienic, nontoxic, without secondary pollution: no filthy, alga nor other microorganisms will be caused in the process of using; can avoid the secondary pollution caused by rust water filth of the zincification pipe.

B: Strong in anti-corrosion: resisting most of the strong acids and alkalis, free from the affect of corrosive soil and soda acid liquid.

C: Wide water flow: smooth both in inner and outer wall, without accumulated filth and little friction coefficient.

D: Convenient for installation: the material density is only 20% of the steel products, easy in handling.

E: Long life for use: with advanced process, the product is highly compression resisting, offering high tensile strength and good in maintaining quality.

3. Scope of application:

The products can be applied in civil construction water supply project, municipal engineering, chemical engineering, agricultural irrigation project, landscaping engineering, water plant water supply project and marine aquaculture industries.

4. Experience:

Over 10 years of experience in Thermoplastic Extrusion and Injection.(founded in 2005)

5. Quality Assurance:

24-hour Rigorous QC Team which is ISO 9001 Certified

6. Laboratory:

Advanced Laboratories with a complete system of up-to-date testing equipment

7. International Projects:

Water Supply Projects in Asia, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Poland,Spain. Caribbean Countries

8. Specialized Projects:

Specialized pipes&fittings in USA, Canada,etc.



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