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PVC Pipe fitting

  • PVC Rain Gutter System
  • PVC Rain Gutter System
  • PVC Rain Gutter System
  • PVC Rain Gutter System
PVC Rain Gutter SystemPVC Rain Gutter SystemPVC Rain Gutter SystemPVC Rain Gutter System

PVC Rain Gutter System

  • PVC Rain Gutter System
  • Rain Gutter System
  • Gutter System
  • Product description: PVC Rain Gutter System

PVC Rain Gutter-Brief Introduction

Product Description




Hebei China

Product name

 roof drain gutter system, Plastic pvc rain gutter and fittings


Square/Rectangular/K-Style type


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Main color

White/Grey/Brown or custom made color


Dual Wall 5.2inch(the most popular size), Single Wall 7 inch


3M 4M 5M or any length you want


30 years


1000 piece/ pieces


20-30 days

Normal environment temperature

-40~ 75


 1, toughness, low temperature impact resistance; resistance shocks, ladder lift and snow pressures, and less prone to depression, Curved or deformation resistance;

2, PVC special UV-resistant characteristics, can resist long periods of sun exposure also increases resistance to phenol rain and air pollution;

 3, high tide, better aging resistance, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion bad time as new, no renovation and painting;

 4, cutting easy, easy to install, no special tools ;

 5, mature technology, maintain superior product performance and stability;

PVC Rain Gutter the bearing capacity does not depend on the thickness, it mainly depends on raw materials and the interval between the bracket and the bracket, hanger and hanger, we recommend that you install a gutter or a bracket 25cm-30 cm.

In order to increase the ability of anti - ultraviolet, anti –oxygen, anti - aging and increase the elasticity, in the process of plastic processing often add a variety of additives, such as lead-free stabilizer, heat stabilizer, anti-aging agent, lubricants, plasticizers, colorant, they can make the molecular structure of the tubes more stable, don’t cause fade and deformation.

Absolutely, gutter hangers and brackets are strong enough to hold the gutters in place when rains are too heavy strong. Like the northeast of China, there is also very heavy rain, frequent flood, we advise customers to install a hanger or bracket within 30 cm, practice shows that they are very strong enough. By the way, 7inch PVC rain gutter has hangers, but no brackets, 5.2inch PVC rain gutter has hangers and brackets.

Our products are UV stabilized. PVC is polyvinyl chloride, it is a polymer material that is made of a hydrogen atom in the ethylene, which is replaced by chlorine. The PVC material is non combustible, high strength, excellent resistance to climate variability and geometric stability, so it is one of the most widely used plastic materials.

Characters of Products:

1.The design of PVC-U style as the inside framework gutter help keep the endurance and flintiness.

2.Both side bracket design make the downspout have elegant appearance and more easily fitted on any outwall.

3.Grid guard and round intine reject the dirt remaining.

4.The whole water draining system look shapely, at the same time have graceful color and lustre.

5.Good tenacity, good impact resistance, and extreme temperature resistance. It can hold a ladder or snow without distortion.

6.High temperature resisted PVC material and good uvioresistant, antiaging, resistance to acid and alkali can be exposed under the sun directly without fading.

7.It is very easy to cut and install without requiring any special tools.

8.Mature formula technology keep our product extraordinarily stable.

9.The exquisite accessories, fixed together with embedded draw-off method, will ensure the system won't leak.

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